Scotty’s Sample Roommate Agreement Template


After I wrote my Roommate Agreement Ideas post, many of you contacted me and wanted to see a copy of the actual Roommate Agreement I like to use. Below I provide you a sample of what I use. (Before you proceed on, you should read that post if you have not already.)

Over the years I’ve rewritten and perfected this agreement from my own past experiences. You should be doing the same with yours.

The sample Roommate Agreement below is generic but very similar to the one I use. The names and addresses used are fake too. Leaving it generic will make it easy for you to edit to your own specific situation.

Also, keep in mind I am not a lawyer or an expert in the law. If you’re looking for that, you need to have a lawyer review this with you or write one up for you.

I’m not offering any legal advice and not guaranteeing anything!

Keep in mind that a roommate agreement is not a valid legal document. Judges cannot force people to clean or follow a schedule for the bathroom. But they can enforce the part of the agreement about money!

Below is the sample agreement I use, enjoy!

Sample Roommate Agreement Template

Today’s Date: 12/1/2016

Jim Baker, Jennie Miller, and Charlie Smith are co-tenants at the following address of, 878 Oak Hill Ave, Oakland, Ca. Everyone except Charlie is under a six-month lease that expires on July 1st, 2018. Each has signed a lease with the landlord, Jason Smith, and each roommate has paid $500 towards the total security deposit of $1500.

Jim, Jennie, and Charlie all agree to the following:

1) Rent

The $2,100 monthly rent will be shared equally, at $700.00 per person. Jennie will write a check for the total month’s rent and mail it to the Landlords billing address by the 3rd business day of each month. Jim and Charlie will pay their share to Jennie by the 1st day of each month before the check is mailed out.

2) Head Roommate (The head roommates have the final word)

Jim and Jennie will be the head roommates and have the final say since they don’t have the option to break the lease early with the landlord. They also plan on staying beyond the 6-month lease term if the option to renew is available. Charlie is on the lease as a month to month tenant and will be the first to move out if a conflict arises with this agreement.

3) Bedrooms

Jim and Jennie will share the master bedroom with the adjacent deck and hot tub; Charlie will have the small bedroom.

4) Overnight Guests

Because of the apartment’s small size, each tenant agrees to have no more than one overnight guest at a time and to inform the others in advance, if possible. Each cotenant agrees to no more than two different guests in a given month.

5) Food

Each roommate is responsible for their own food unless sharing something is discussed ahead of time.

6) Cleaning

Jim and Jennie will clean the master bedroom, and Charlie will clean his own room. The rest of the home will be cleaned regularly according to the cleaning schedule on the refrigerator. Cleaning includes dusting, wiping down walls, and vacuuming/mopping the floor in each room. Also, each roommate will promptly clean up after themselves in the kitchen and bathroom areas.

7) Utilities

Everyone will pay an equal share of the Cable, Internet, Power & Gas Bills. Jim and Jennie will have the bills under their name, and Charlie will pay his one-third share of the costs to them every month.

8) Violations of the Agreement

The co-tenants (roommates) agree that any repeat and serious violations of this agreement will be grounds for asking the violating person(s) to leave. If a cotenant is asked to leave, they will do so within four weeks. If the 6-month lease is still in effect, Charlie will be asked to leave first.

9) Breaking the lease early

If someone wants to get out of the lease early, they’ll need to work with the landlord directly. Depending on the terms of the rental agreement, the security deposit may not be refunded until a new tenant moves in to replace them. If there is damage or repairs that need to be made, the security deposit could be lost altogether.

10) Additional Things

We’ll give each other a proper notice if we decide to leave town for more than a few days. To keep each other informed for emergencies etc.


Everyone signing below this line agrees to the terms set in this roommate agreement.




Final Thoughts

I hope that you enjoyed reviewing this sample roommate agreement. Remember that you should modify the agreement to fit your needs exactly. Everyone has a different lifestyle and so the input of all roommates is required to make this work.

Thanks for reading and remember to review my other roommate advice articles for more information on living with roommates.