4 Roommate Questions Answered For A Pain Free Living Space


Before you consider a new home to share with a roommate you need to make sure its suitable for having roommates, especially if you plan on having more than one roommate!

The house or apartment you rent (or buy) should have a nice layout, that can accommodate at least two or three people. Below I’ll go over four questions I always ask myself before finalizing any paperwork with buying or renting a place.

This will make it possible to have a pain free living space!

Let’s Begin!

1) Is it an Open Floor Plan with Insulated Walls?

For starters, make sure the place offers an open floor plan, with a spacious kitchen and more than one bathroom. Having plenty of cupboard space in the kitchen and bathrooms will make it easy to separate your things, causing fewer arguments.

Insulation in the walls and doors will also make it easier to keep the space quiet. Especially when your roommate wants their hot date to stay over on a Saturday night, and you’re trying to get some sleep.

2) How Many People Can Live There?

The more people living with you, the more potential there will be for personality and scheduling conflicts.

Sharing a bathroom and kitchen with these additional people can also be challenging. So I always prefer just one roommate if I can get away with it.

Ever hear of “Three’s a Crowd”? Sometimes that’s a real thing if you have multiple people crammed in the wrong living space!

Quick Tip: For some people, having to share a bathroom is a deal breaker. They prefer to have it all to themselves. If you have this kind of roommate, you need to make sure the place you choose provides two or more bathrooms!

3) Are Amenities Readily Available?

If you refuse to go to the laundromat, you’re going to want a place that comes with its own washer and dryer. If you have one or more cars or expect to have company, you’ll want a place that offers ample free parking near your new home.

If you enjoy sitting outside, are a smoker, or like to BBQ, you’re going to want a place with a balcony, patio, or yard so you can set up a fun relaxing hang out spot that you and your roommates can enjoy together.

The benefits of a good outdoor set up will provide you an excellent way to have a social life with your roommates. And if you like, having friends come over to share it with you. Plus, you get to keep the mess from the party outside.

4) Does Your Lease Allow for Subletting?

If you’re planning to rent out a room in a place you’re already leasing. You’ll need to make sure that you’re allowed to do so legally.

Before finding a roommate, check your lease for subletting stipulations or reach out to your landlord.

If you found a room to rent from someone who already has a lease, you’ll need to make sure they’re legally allowed to sublet to you.

This will ensure you don’t end up in a situation where you have a breach of your rental or lease agreement. This can create an unexpected rise in the monthly rent.

OR WORSE! The landlord could evict you! Then you’ll have the hassle of paying for moving costs, finding a new place, and a new roommate.

Final Thoughts

If you honestly answered all the questions in this article, then you’re on the way to finding the roommate paradise of your dreams! Out of all these questions, the first one is the most important.

You want an open layout and soundproofed walls. This way to you don’t end up hearing each other all the time! Or feeling like you are in a tight space.

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