Roomi App Roommate Finder Site Review!


In this article, you’ll learn why I like the roommate finder site Roomi. It’s also known as Roomi App and its a great option for finding your next roommate. I’m going to do a complete overview of the following:

1. The signup process
2. Making a profile
3. Creating a listing (listing your shared space)
4. Reviewing some listings (finding a new roommate with a shared space)
5. The downside of Roomi
6. Some final thoughts!

Most people looking for a free roommate finder site are going to use Craigslist. To be fair, Craigslist is still a great resource with lots of postings from all kinds of people. Craigslist uses a classified posting style that does not always work efficiently for people in their local area, so you need other options.

Roomi is a great option! It’s has a cleaner interface, better photos, and a complete profile for each user. It also has a mobile app you can download for your Droid or iPhone device.

In the next section, I’ll create my new Roomi account, let’s see what happens.

Signing up and creating a profile

I found the setup process to be streamlined and easy to follow. You can also use your Facebook account or E-mail address to register. Some people who have a Facebook account don’t like using it to register for new services; the e-mail option allows them to still sign-up too.

Having both a Facebook and E-mail account option helps users choose from a larger pool of roommate listings. Sweet!

Here’s a quick overview of my experience:

First, I decided to register with my e-mail address; then an e-mail verification was quickly delivered to my inbox. It did not even go to my spam filter, nice.

Next, I filled out my profile with the necessary information that was required. Which included my First & Last name, date of birth, and an “About Me” description.

I found the preferences for my profile to be pretty straightforward. You select a budget range, move in date, and you can even add your employment background.

I felt very safe entering my information. Especially after seeing the option to hide my profile from others!

The last step was uploading a photo of myself to the profile. You can also upload multiple photos, which is a nice feature.

Setting up this profile was easy and took me no more than 10 minutes. Everything is going great thus far!

Creating a new listing!

Listing your shared space is easy and contains the following sections:

1. Who’s your ideal roommate? Here you enter your age range and specify the gender of your ideal roommate.

2. The exact address of your place for rent: Here you will enter the correct physical address of the space that is for rent. Roomi also mentions the exact address will be kept private. Again, this makes me feel safe and secure!

3. Pricing and availability: You specify the monthly rent and how many months the living space is available.

4. Amenities: You are presented with a checkbox list of options for choosing things like; Indoor Laundry, Wifi Included, Utilities Included, Furnished, Elevator, Doorman, A/C and Heating, Month to Month, Gym, Large Closet, TV, Has Pet, Private Bathroom, and Kitchen.

5. House Rules: More checkboxes for selecting; No Smoking, No Pets, No Loud Music, No Overnight Guests, No Drugs, No late nights, No drinking, and No House Guests.

6. Uploading good photos: Make sure you take some good photos of your shared space. Include items like the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and any other areas that you want to show off. Remember! Having natural light in the rooms helps make a great photo. Open those blinds or curtains!

7. Typing the description: I always recommend you talk about the features of the space and the personal benefits of living with you. Benefits might be that you like a clean house or you like quiet weekends. Don’t put too much information in here, just enough to start a conversation and give all the relevant details about the living space.

Overall, the listing process was quick and easy; it took me about 15 minutes. In the next section, I discuss my experience reviewing the listings that are on Roomi.

Also, before you write up your description and chat with any new potential roommates I highly recommend you read my guides on:

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Reviewing listings

I did a search for a few listings in my city located in Walnut Creek, CA. I immediately found six pretty good listings. They were all very clean looking with the potential roommate’s photo clearly visible. The description for each listing was clearly displayed too.

You get other information clearly laid out too, like the Move-in Date, Duration, Deposit, and Price Per month. Scrolling through them was smooth and easy to glance at.

The biggest thing I love too is after you open a listing, you can easily find the message button. So you can send your questions or inquiry to the poster.

The only downside I see for Roomi

It’s not in every city yet. Not a big deal in my opinion since there’s a plan to expand it. If you’re living in a town that does not have Roomi yet, go to this link and request to add your city.

As of March 2017, these cities are available:

New York
San Diego
SF Bay Area!
Los Angeles
Washington DC / Baltimore

Roomi knows what free means!

It’s defiantly worth a try! It’s free, and all the features are available right away. No tricky sign-up process or hiding key features like messaging another user. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made a free account on a website. Then, later find out you need to pay to unlock some additional hidden features.

During my experience with writing this review, I messaged customer service. I was pleasantly surprised at how professional and friendly they were. I specifically asked about any features of the site being locked out for having a free account. They said, “Absolutely not!”

We’ll see if that changes in the future.

Final thoughts

RommiApp is a great option and worth a try if you live in one of the cities that it supports, especially if you have already tried Craigslist and was scared away!

For finding new roommates, I’m still a big supporter of:
Craigslist, Bulletin Boards, Community Forums and networking with colleagues. But sometimes you need one more option, Roomi is the best free alternative out there.

One last thing, I just downloaded the mobile app, and the listings are displayed beautifully. Each one contains a heading, price, and picture. If I click on one, I get easy access to the description, amenities and the message button.

It has a bit of an Airbnb feel to it, but most importantly, it loads everything fast, no waiting for pictures to load.

Thanks for checking out my review!