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Roommate Advice and Help

The financial and lifestyle benefits for a roommate are: A simple form of passive income, saving money on rent, paying off your mortgage early by renting out rooms, keeping the peace while living with roommates.

Read the following roommate articles in order to learn everything you need to know.

  1. 7 Roommate Secrets for Living with the Opposite Sex!
  2. 6 Roommate Red Flags To Watch For When Meeting Someone New
  3. 4 Advantages Why Living With a Roommate is Better than Living Alone
  4. 7 Ideal Roommate Traits for Locking In Compatibility
  5. 5 Lessons for Living With A Roommate from Hell
  6. 5 Steps to SAFELY Find a Roommate on Craigslist!
  7. 4 Ideas For Finding A Responsible Roommate [online and offline]
  8. 4 Roommate Questions Answered For A Pain-Free Living Space
  9. 5 Tips for Splitting Up The Bills With Your Roommates
  10. How to Sign a Rental Agreement with Your Roommates [and Landlord]
  11. 7 Critical Ideas For the Perfect Roommate Agreement
  12. Scotty’s Sample Roommate Agreement Template
  13. When Roommates Don’t Pay Their Share of the Rent

Credit Repair and Rebuilding Advice

Good credit unlocks great financial opportunity, it also helps with: Getting the best rates on home and auto loans, getting a good roommate, renting an apartment, looking good to employers, etc.

Read the following articles to find out everything there is to know. 

  1. 5 Options for Removing Late Payments From Your Credit Report!
  2. 4 Killer Options To Rebuild Your Bad Credit [Or Establish New Credit!]

Help For Buying A New Home (or rental property)

I bought my first home when I was 21 years old! I’ve never had to worry about rent increases or having my landlord kick me out. Which is a big problem in the SF Bay Area these days where I’ve been living my entire life.

Check out the following articles in order to learn about buying your home and the benefits of homeownership.

  1. Should You Buy A Home? Hell Yeah You Should!
  2. How To Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage Home Loan
  3. 3 Smart Loan Options For Your Next Home Purchase or Refinance
  4. 5 Secrets For Timing the Real Estate Market [When To Buy Or Sell]
  5. 4 Negotiation Secrets For Buying Real Estate
  6. How To Understand & Review A Good Faith Estimate [provided by your lender]
  7. 4 Survival Tips For Finding & Working With A Realtor [To Buy A Home]
  8. Home Inspection Benefits & Checklist For New Home Buyers
  9. 8 Qualities Every Rental Property Needs For Rocket High Income Potential
  10. 10 Things An Underwriter Might Ask You To Verify [before you sign]

Help For Selling Your House (or rental property)

Learn how to sell your home for the minimal amount of realtor fees. Or how to hire the best realtor to help sell your property fast and for top dollar!

  1. 6 Things To Consider Before Selling Your Home
  2.  How To Sell Your Home On Craigslist [as a For Sale By Owner!]
  3. Selling Your Home? How To Hire A Rock Star Real Estate Agent!
  4. 10 Tips For Selling Your Home With An Open House
  5. How To Pick The Best Offer When Selling Your Home

Online Reputation Management

Whether it’s personal or for business. What people see, think and write about online matters to your financial well being, one way or another! The most popular guide is the Yelp Removal one below.

  1. Online Reputation Management; What It Is and Why You Need It!
  2. 10 Simple Hacks for Removing Bad Yelp Reviews
  3. How to Remove eBay Negative Feedback [Two Real Case Studies!]

Avoid Getting Scammed!

Over time, they’ll be many, many more articles published relating to not getting scammed. For now, the most popular one relates to the auto insurance collision repair scam.

  1. eBay Seller, Don’t Get Scammed Selling Smart Phones and Electronics [4 hard lessons]
  2. How To Avoid Auto Insurance Collision Repair Scams! [with auto body shops]