Scotty’s Nintendo Buyers and Collectors Guide [All Systems Included]

In this guide, we’ll discover what makes buying and collecting Nintendo consoles and games so exciting for people of all ages.

The complete list of articles in this guide is towards the bottom of this page.

We’ll be covering all Retro and current Nintendo games and consoles. We’re even going to cover the Nintendo Switch and the mini NES / SNES Classic Editions too! Plus, we’ll also look at the latest console just released in early 2017 called the Switch.

If it’s a system made by Nintendo, it’s covered in this guide. Starting with the Original Nintendo NES for home consoles and the original GameBoy for Nintendo handhelds.

I’m also going to show you how to avoid being scammed and where to safely buy used games. After reading this guide, you’ll be in the know for avoiding common buying mistakes that all new collectors make. Mistakes can lead to frustration, loss of time, and losing money.

Before we start, I’d like to share with you how I (Scotty B) got into collecting Nintendo Games.

How did Scotty get into Nintendo?

I first discovered my love for the original Nintendo NES back in 1986; I was about eight years … READ MORE

Awesome Online Stores to Buy Retro Video Games & Consoles [a review of each]

Here are the top 10 online stores I recommend for buying retro video games. Below I write a brief review of each online store.

If you intend on building a big collection of retro Nintendo games, it’s going to be expensive to do so. Games for the NES and SNES seem to be the most expensive right now.

The Wii and Wii U systems are still fairly new enough that the games are actually still pretty cheap. This makes it an excellent time to start building up a collection.

Regardless of what Nintendo system you want to buy games for, you’ll have great luck buying from a local seller or an online vendor. Websites like eBay, Craigslist, or Internet collector forums are a great place to start. I’ll list some great options below.

Heck, you can even try thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales, but get there early! The word is out on them for video game bargains, and the deals are normally gone within the first hour.

If you’re buying from an online vendor, expect to pay the full market price of the game. They’re in the business of making money and creating jobs … READ MORE

My Favorite Retro Video Game YouTube Channels

YouTube has done a lot for helping people discover the fun of retro video game collecting. It has helped build online gaming communities and give people an inside view of some of the rarest collectibles out there.

Here are my favorite YouTube channels relating to Nintendo and retro gaming. I’ve handpicked the ones below because I really enjoy the knowledge and personality of each content creator.

The following channels are kick-ass. Enjoy!

Nintendo’s Official YouTube Channel – Here you’ll get all the latest news and videos straight from Nintendo. They also post new game announcements and trailers for upcoming games.

Pat the NES Punk! – Pat Contri and his buddy Ian do a great job with answering viewer questions, running a podcast, and various other topics relating to retro gaming. Pat also has a series called “Flea Market Madness” where he tours his local flea market and negotiates deals on retro video game collectibles. Though lately, he’s not creating new Flea Market episodes as the flea markets are not good places to shop anymore.

The Gaming Historian – This channel is run by Norman Caruso. I really like the way Norman does research and edits his documentary videos … READ MORE

How to Rate the Condition of Retro Video Games

Rating the condition of any rare collectible can be a challenge. Most of the time you only get better at it through experience in the hobby. Especially after having a few costly mistakes along the way.

Video Game Collecting is not different.

When rating video games, I like to use a grading system that is similar to rating baseball cards. It’s pretty easy to remember because this system has four levels to grade on.

Below, I’ll list the four levels I like to consider when rating the condition of a used Nintendo video game item.

Poor / Bad Condition

A complete disaster, discs are scratched up and unplayable. Cartridges have writing, peeled labels, and are also unplayable. Boxes, cases or manuals will have writing, fading, and tears. Honestly, if it’s a common game, I’d stay clear of anything in Poor or Bad condition.

Average / Acceptable Condition

If you’re not picky about your games and the price is right, go for gaming items in this condition, they’re the best value. Items might have some normal wear and tear, a small scuff on the label, or minor scratches on the disc. Boxes, cases, manuals should be free of abuse … READ MORE

4 Tips For Selling and Buying Retro Video Games Online [so you don’t get screwed!]

Buying and selling retro video games can be a great experience most of the time. Collecting vintage video games can involve many different opinions on condition, dollar value and how to properly ship the item.

Good and bad things can happen when sellers and buyers do a retro video game transaction together. Below I’m going to list some tips to describe a standard set of rules and ethics that should be followed by both parties.

This advice and ethics are all based on my experience buying and selling used games online. You might be thinking, but Scotty, what could go wrong? LOL – just read under all the disasters people talk about in the Collectors forum on Nintendo Age. It can be quite humorous reading about the stuff people complain about.

Follow my advice below, and you’ll be off to a great start.

Tip #1: Price Checking

An eBay filtered search for Sold results is the best method to get direct sales information in my opinion. Most local game shops I’ve spoken with say the prices from within the last 30 days are the most accurate. Filter your results with sold listings option and input keywords like “nes … READ MORE