Scotty’s Favorite Computer Utilities [make the computer fast and secure]

Welcome to Scotty’s list of “Fantastic Computer Tune-Up, Web and Security Tools!” I’m going to add to this list every time I come across a new tool or computer website that looks kick-ass!

Every writer and small business professional need a little bit of tech knowledge, even if you end up hiring a tech pro to help you. If you see your hired tech professional using some of these tools or utilities, it’s a great sign they know what they are doing.

Read on and enjoy! I summarize each one below. – A great resource for help with computer viruses, ransomware, and other security threats.

CC Cleaner – Is an excellent PC-computer tool that will help clean up your system and make things run faster again. I’ve been using it for years to optimize my start-up files, clean my registry, and clear out temp files!

File Assasin – This tool is for advanced users. If you have a file, you need to delete off your system, and it’s locked or in use by a process. This tool will help you to unlock it and then remove it! It’s extremely helpful in situations where you might be fighting … READ MORE

Wave Apps Cloud Based Accounting, an Honest Review!

We’ve all experienced the pain of having to track receipts or reconcile our bank accounts with our monthly bank statements, then send if all off to the CPA for our yearly tax filings.

Because this pain exists we need to pick our accounting software wisely, and there is a saying over at Wave Apps, it reads: “Let’s not complicate this!”. The price is not complex either; it’s FREE!

I started using it several years ago, and in the next section, I will share with you some amazing things it has done to make managing my finances a dream come true.

Before we begin you need to know a few things about this software:

It’s cloud-based which means it will work on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computers.

It’s best utilized by small businesses with up to 10 employees.
To use the built-in credit card processing and payroll services you will have to pay money. Here’s a link to the Waveapps Pricing Page: Wave Accounting Pricing

Why did I switch from Quickbooks to Wave Apps?

Back in 2007, I found myself for the first time in need of using an accounting software. I had no idea where to start, … READ MORE