Removing Fake Reviews On Glassdoor, Indeed, and Kununu

Attracting and retaining quality employees is key to the long-term growth of your business. The rise of the Internet and its 3.2 billion worldwide users has made finding industry all-stars easier than ever before.

As a business owner a simple search on LinkedIn, a well-placed ad on or a tweet to your band of followers can result in a flood of qualified candidates eager to join your growing team.

Perhaps, until they perform their own research. Just as employers have better access to information on potential hirees, so do job seekers for the businesses they are being recruited to join. The information available on sites like Glassdoor, Indeed and Kununu can be enormously helpful to both parties – until they aren’t.

Created to allow former and current employees of businesses to anonymously report information in areas such as company culture, leadership strength, salaries and more – these sites are often referenced by job seekers before sending in a resume.

The need for anonymity is understandable, but the ease in which false negative reviews can emerge is both startling and potentially hazardous to well-intentioned employers.

Whether you are here because you have already fallen victim to a false … READ MORE

Online Reputation Management; What It Is and Why You Need It!

Online reputation management. This term has been thrown around quite a bit in recent years, along with a slew of web-based information that isn’t always the most accurate.

Shocking, right?

In the spirit of restoring journalistic excellence to the web – let’s explore the factual side of this ever-evolving topic and why it’s relevant to you, your business and your life.

Whether it was a dear-diary type of platform, the original MySpace website, or current social media sites like Facebook and Instagram – every piece of information you have willingly put out into the webosphere is still there and available to those with enough tenacity to find it.

Every picture, every status update, every comment. It’s there, somewhere. And it doesn’t matter if you edited it or deleted it – that alcohol-infused 3AM rant (complete with a matching selfie) still lives on.

As you progress through life, establish a successful career, build a profitable company, and start a family, managing your online reputation is critical – and it starts with knowing what people are saying. Personally and professionally, it is essential that you have a pulse on the information that is already available for customers and headhunters to READ MORE

10 Simple Hacks for Removing Bad Yelp Reviews

In this guide, we’re going to discuss some hacks for removing bad Yelp reviews. These techniques can also be used for removing fake ones too! When you and your business first experience a negative review on Yelp, it can feel like a punishment.

We’re not only going to cover how to deal with these feelings, but also how to fight back and get the actual review removed or lose visibility so your customers cannot find it!

I have another guide for how to remove negative feedback on eBay, some of the techniques in that guide are very similar to repairing your reputation on review sites like Yelp. Take a look at it if you really want to dig deep into a ruthless bad review removal process.

In that eBay guide, I talk about the most important skill during the entire process. It’s called Persistence, and the same skill applies to Yelp. I’ll explain more below.

Let’s Begin!

There are so many variables to running a successful business, and most of the time the biggest one is people. Whether it’s your employees, customers, or even your competition, each person has their own ethics, personality, and opinions. Plus, they … READ MORE

How to Remove eBay Negative Feedback [Two Real Case Studies!]

Can you remove negative feedback from your eBay profile? I have done it! Friends of mine have done it! A word of caution, however, there’s no guarantee of an exact system to getting it done.

Don’t ever listen to someone who says it can’t be done either. There are a list of things you can try and have some moderate success removing negative feedback. Moderate success, in my opinion, is better than nothing!

Let’s Begin!

So Do You Want to Know The SECRET for Removing eBay Negative Feedback?

PERSISTENCE! That’s right, you heard it straight from the horse’s mouth. How much is your time worth for you to fight and get that negative comment removed?

For most power sellers, it’s probably not worth your time. Especially, if you’re averaging 10 or more positive feedback every day. The bad feedback will run off and be hidden in the good comments. In fact, you probably get a pretty consistent 0.5% of buyers that leave neutral or negative comments anyways. You’d never keep up with filing all the rebuttals with eBay customer service.

But, if you are a perfectionist like me, or just want to challenge the eBay feedback system to … READ MORE