My Favorite Blogging & Self-Publishing Online Resources [Updated for 2018]


So you’re curious about blogging or self-publishing and need a place to start. Below I’m going to give you all of the top resources on the web that I utilize on a regular basis.

I wish I would have had known all of these resources when I got started with self-publishing a few years ago. I remember spending countless hours doing Google searches and spinning my wheels trying to find the real websites that offered something valuable.

If you are reading this and have an online resource you’d like to add to the list or a book you published, relating to self-publishing or building a blog contact me! I might be able to add it to this list.

This list and guide will continuously be updated over time; I’ll be adding to it frequently.

For now, here’s the magical recipe, enjoy! – Do you need a fabulous online proofreading editing tool? The Grammarly app can make that happen for you. Check it out; they even make an extension for Chrome and Microsoft Word. – The Book Designer is a resource full of information for designing books and self-publishing. After you read it, you’ll realize its much harder than you think. However, that will change once you spend some time reading through the excellent articles Joel has put together. Sign-up for his newsletter too. – I’ve been reviewing a lot of art samples lately. A lot of artists seem to be using this site to display their creative work. I like the concept and how easy it is to build a showcase online.

The Book – They will print your eBook to hard copy for a very reasonable price. You can print just one copy or a thousand. The price will get better as the number of copies increases. – Another great site for printing or making your writing creation into an eBook. I’m going to evaluate the services further and review on them. Thought it was worth mentioning. – I have not used this yet, but have seen many blogs using it. It’s a premium blogging platform that takes all the headaches away from hosting your own. It’s got a 14-day trial period on it. It’s worth checking out if you want to blog and don’t want to hassle with WordPress.

Top Rated WordPress Plugins – All the top rated WordPress plug-ins, this comes directly from – A clean, minimalist blogging platform that is great for writers. The fees are reasonable, and it’s a great alternative to WordPress.

Best custom WordPress Twenty-Sixteen Theme – “Filtered Joe” has done a great job of customizing the built-in WordPress theme called Twenty-Sixteen. It’s a perfect example of the full potential of this theme.

Create social sharing icons on your WordPress site without a plugin – I can’t tell you how many social media sharing plugins I tried, and it did not work at all! Slow loading times, or to much clutter in the admin panel! If you’re like me and like keeping your WordPress load times fast, check this out!

Why Writing vs. Editing are so different – This is a fantastic article to read, perfectly explains why writing a quality piece is so challenging and takes time, especially for longer content. The same writer cannot rush into edit mode for their own content, you need a break and allow time for your brain to reset. So either hire an editor to help you out or wait a day or two for the editing process to begin. – A great resource for finding hard to find fonts that your operating system may not have.

Blog Tyrant – I have learned a lot of information on blogging best practices from Blog Tyrant. For example, I was struggling with ideas for doing images on this blog. I read the following article from Blog Tyrant and it made life much easier! Plus I saved a ton of time. 376 Super-Useful Royalty Free, Creative Commons, and Public Domain Websites.

An Awesome Point Of View On Online Marketing Gurus – An interesting point of view you should develop as a mindset when you learn online marketing for your blog.

Final Thoughts

Blogging and self-publishing is a wonderful way to communicate your knowledge to the world! It’s never too late to get started in my opinion. The platforms are always changing so it’s good to keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies.