Fantastic Computer Tune-Up, Web and Security Tools!

Welcome to Scotty’s list of “Fantastic Computer Tune-Up, Web and Security Tools!” I’m going to add to this list every time I come across a new tool or computer website that looks kick-ass!

Every writer and small business professional need a little bit of tech knowledge, even if you end up hiring a tech pro to help you. If you see your hired tech professional using some of these tools or utilities, it’s a great sign they know what they are doing.

Read on and enjoy! I summarize each one below. – A great resource for help with computer viruses, ransomware, and other security threats.

CC Cleaner – Is an excellent PC-computer tool that will help clean up your system and make things run faster again. I’ve been using it for years to optimize my start-up files, clean my registry, and clear out temp files!

File Assasin – This tool is for advanced users. If you have a file, you need to delete off your system, and it’s locked or in use by a process. This tool will help you to unlock it and then remove it! It’s extremely helpful in situations where you might be fighting a computer … READ MORE

How to Remove eBay Negative Feedback and Avoid Buyer Scams!

In this guide, we’ll review some eBay seller tips regarding buyer scams and getting negative feedback removed.

We all know that eBay has a pretty generous buyer satisfaction and return policy. It’s so generous in fact, it typically overrides any pictures or return policy (or disclaimers) a seller may have in their product listing description.

When a buyer is not satisfied with the item you sold them, they are pretty much guaranteed the option of returning the item for a refund. If they are at fault for possibly damaging the item it will not matter. They will most likely return the broken item to you. And eBay will side with them; it’s a bit unbalanced, to say the least.

It’s a perfect system for any buyer who wants to be a bit shady; the seller will lose just about every time. And this protection system has been evolving against the seller for quite some time now.

Now let’s talk about one of the biggest eBay headaches for sellers trending right now.

There should be strict return policies for electronics!

Ever hear the story about the man who buys a video camera for that upcoming family vacation? Then he takes it … READ MORE

Circuit City, Opening Stores For a New Generation!

I’m personally looking forward to having the chance to shop at a Circuit City again, once the new stores are open! Circuit City was planning on opening up new stores starting in the summer of 2016, but they have since put that on hold.

Who knows what exactly is going on? According to the latest blog post, on Circuit City’s website, they state “Taking Our Time To Get It Right.”

With Radio Shack and other retailers folding the cards, I can’t blame them for taking their time to get it right! After all, they are competing with Amazon.

Hopefully, I get a new Circuit City popping up in the SF Bay Area soon. As I hear more, I’ll update this blog article to include the exact locations, for now, let’s go back in time for a minute.

Remember Electronic Boutique?

Do you remember shopping at Electronic Boutique back in the 1990’s? They provided a boutique style shopping experience for its customers and use to have a store at the Sun Valley Mall in Concord, Ca. I would frequent that store a lot when I was a teenager and into video games. OH… the good old days!

Circuit City wants … READ MORE