7 Steps for Selling Your Home and Saving CASH [Complete Guide]

Selling your home or investment property can be a stressful decision. But it does not have to be if you plan ahead of time and know what to expect during the process. In this guide, we’ll discuss how you can make selling your property a positive experience.

Before we start, I highly recommend that you read my homebuyer guide so you can understand the selling process from the point of view of a buyer.

Having this information will give you a huge advantage over what expectations the buyer has in regards to negotiating, structuring a deal, when they buy, and working with a realtor. Not to mention it will also offer a lot of assistance with understanding home inspections and appraisals.

Let’s get started.

Step #1: Why are you selling your property?

Selling your home or investment property is a big decision and not something you just want to do on a whim. The reasons that force people to sell will surprise you. Let’s review some of them below.

  • You want to upgrade to your dream home.
  • You were living in a property you intended to flip, and you want to cash out now!
  • You are relocating to a new

7 Steps for Buying Your Dream Home, When You’re BROKE! [Complete Guide]

My goal with this guide is to give you all the details of how to buy a house and make a new home in a very competitive real estate market.

I’ve been living in the Bay Area and have owned three properties over the last 17 years.

This guide is not about amassing a huge portfolio of real estate; it’s really about amassing just one property, so you have a base of security.

Residential real estate purchases are easy to finance, and most people can qualify for many of the first-time home buyer programs that are available out there.

Residential real estate can be a townhome, condo, single family home, or a multiplex (also known as a multi-uni) of up to 4 units, but you have to live in one of those units to qualify for those types of programs.

We are going to go through the complete process of buying a property and how you can make it more affordable by having roommates rent out rooms or other units.

This is the number one method of buying something in a competitive market such as San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, New York, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Los Angeles, or anywhere else … READ MORE