5 Options for Removing Late Payments From Your Credit Report!

Late payments can be reported on your credit report for all types of credit accounts. The most popular being Credit Cards, Personal & Auto Loans, Mortgages, and Student Loans.

In this guide, we are going to discuss the options available to you for removing late payments from your credit report.

Let’s get started!

There will come a time when you want to upgrade to a bigger home. Or refinance it and get a better rate, or even pull out some cash for a kitchen remodel.

You might even want to buy a new car or an investment property to start collecting rental income.

Sometimes you don’t want to buy anything at all; you just need the security of having some available credit to draw from in case of an emergency.

You’ll fill out an application for that new loan and then bam! The bank hits you with some bad news; they cannot give you the loan you wanted. Left in disbelief, you think to yourself “What is the problem? My credit is perfect, you need to rerun my application, or I’m going to a different bank!”

Upon further research and a quick look at your credit report, you … READ MORE

Rebuilding Your Credit With Credit Cards

Having a stellar payment history and a good credit score above the mid 600’s will prove to creditors you are going to pay them back. Thus, giving you better interest rates and more favorable terms when you’re ready to finance big-ticket items such as a home, boat, motorcycle or new car.

But what if your credit score is not up to par?

We’ve all been there before; you get denied on a credit application because you don’t have enough credit history. Or worse, you have too many bad marks on your credit report such as missed payments or written off accounts (which will eventually roll over to a collections agency.)

The worst blow of all is you’ll be waiting for about seven years for those late payments and charged off accounts to roll off your credit report.

If you decide that credit repair is not an option for you, it’s not the end of the world. All you need is the mindset of someone who just filed bankruptcy or who has zero credit established.

Then think about the following:

The only way to get your credit score high again is by getting new accounts and building a positive READ MORE