5 Options for Removing Mortgage Late Payments from your Credit!

In this guide, we are going to discuss the options available to you for removing mortgage late payments from your credit.

Let’s get started!

There will come a time when you want to upgrade to a bigger home. Or refinance it and get a better rate, or even pull out some cash for remodeling or buying something big.

You’ll fill out an application and then bam! The bank hits you with some bad news; they cannot give you the loan you wanted. Left in disbelief, you think to yourself “What is the problem? My credit is perfect, you need to run my application again, or I’m going to a different bank!”

Upon further research and a quick look at your credit report, you realize something appalling has happened. You notice that there is a late mortgage payment reporting from 6 months ago.

For someone who never checks their credit or does not understand how the banks report late payments. Having one, two, or even three late payments from your existing mortgage lender in the last 24 months will kill your credit score.

Along with the dreams of being approved for a mortgage home loan.
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