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Welcome to Scotty’s Kick-Ass Guide!

My name is Scotty B; I’m a writer and knowledge seeker. Here are three of my all-time favorite quotes about learning.

by: Jim Rohn

“Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune.”

by: Henry Ford

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way, you are right!” 

by: Mark Cuban

“The greatest competitive advantage is knowledge!” 

Knowledge powers success in your professional and personal life. As my Mark Cuban quote says above, having knowledge is the greatest competitive advantage you can have! And on this blog, I want to share information and ideas with you that I’ve learned over the years through self-teaching, real-world experience, and research.

I want my writing to help inspire new ideas to all who read it.

Being knowledgeable in life has many benefits besides just having a competitive advantage. It also helps to lower your stress and increase your overall physical and mental health. Let’s face it, being healthy should be the number one priority in life, without it nothing else matters.

One question I often get is why do I talk about so many different categories on my blog. Why not niche it out? Well, the answer to that is in the next paragraph.

To be a Jack (or Jill) of All Trades or a Generalist you need to be knowledgeable in a number of areas. Harvard Business Review recently wrote an article about how employers prefer hiring Generalists over Specialists. This applies to your personal life skills in the same way.

Read that article here: Generalists Get Better Job Offers Than Specialists

If you’re obsessed with self-learning like I am, then stick around and check out the kick-ass guides and articles I am writing on this blog.

I  write How-To and Reference Guides (and articles) about the following topics:

Roommate Advice – Roommates are a great form of passive income or saving on rent.

Credit Repair – Everyone needs good credit to start a business, start a job, buy a home or rent an apartment.

Online Reputation Management – Whether you’re renting an apartment, seeking a new job, or running a business. What people think of you online is important!

Real Estate – I have never rented an apartment my entire life. Learn the benefits of homeownership, buying property, and being a landlord.

Scams – Avoid being scammed and keep your money in your own pocket.

Nintendo Game Collecting – When you’re not thinking about new business ideas you should have some fun. Collecting Nintendo Retro Video Games is one of my hobbies! I’ve written lots of articles about how to get started in the hobby. Check them out.

Down the road…

I’m planning on interviewing some experts to share even more knowledge with myself and all of you!

About Scotty B:


I’m a San Francisco Bay Area native! I began my career in early 2000 as an IT Professional, and I still enjoy it very much! My passion for writing and communicating with others is why I decided to launch Scotty’s Kick-Ass Guide on October 1st, 2016. The impact it’s made on my readers is everlasting, and I appreciate all the feedback and support from them.

In my free time (away from the computer) I enjoy driving my Ford Mustang GT, going to Lake Tahoe, checking out flea markets, selling items on eBay, and meeting new people. Oh and I also enjoy playing old retro Nintendo and Sega video games.

My writing is unique and different in many ways. My guides and articles are written to talk more about what happens in the real world, with a personable conversational style.

I help you tactically apply the information, for your own unique situation. My content is mostly evergreen content which is updated on a regular basis, so you’re not reading content from 100 million years ago.

Enjoy your time reading the blog!

Your Friend,

Scotty B.